Macrocystis Nereocystis Zalophus

Pelagia Carcharodon Water/Light Cetacea

The photographs featured in my fine art collection are toned, silver gelatin fiber-based prints, which I have printed from my film negatives using archival techniques in a traditional darkroom. The prints are currently open-editioned and are sold unframed and dry-mounted on 4-ply acid-free bright white mount board with a 4-ply window matt. The prints are signed on the front and include my photographer's stamp on the verso. Prints are currently available in 8x10" (mounted to 14x18 inches) and 11x14" (mounted to 16x20 inches) paper sizes. The actual photographic image area is slightly smaller than the paper size. Other print sizes are available on request as are platinum-palladium versions of selected images. Prices for mounted/matted 8x10" prints are $350; mounted/matted 11x14" prints are priced at $450. Prices do not include tax or shipping costs. Please contact us via phone or email for print orders or for details on availability and pricing for larger prints sizes and/or platinum-palladium prints.